Resources for Students


The EPC provides college advising, academic services, college exposure and experiences, and career exploration for students to help ALL students in our community reach and succeed in college.

The EPC helps students navigate college options, provides information about paying for college, and teaches students about their educational rights and responsibilities.

College and Career Planning
Preparing for and Applying to College

You have many options when considering where to apply to college.  Listed below are links to the University of California, the California State University and California Community Colleges.

Find out how to apply to UC’s here

Learn more about each of the UC Campuses:

Find out how to apply and learn more about the various California Community College campuses here

These are just a few of the Regional California Community Colleges:

The California Promise is intended to help make college affordable to all students.  Some community colleges have used the money to waive enrollment fees for first-time, full time students.

Paying for College

Videos About Paying for a UC Education:

If you’re thinking about attending a UC, but are unsure about paying for it, these videos provide invaluable information.

Resources for Parents


Helping your child prepare for college can seem overwhelming! The EPC is here to help parents of students in our programs support your children on their pathway to college. We can help answer your questions and guide you to the information you need. 


There are many different resources available to help you and your student pay for college.

Community Service

Community service is required at most high schools and for scholarships.  Community service needs to be provided to a non-profit, community organization. Contact your student’s school for suggestions

Resources for Educators