The California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) was established by the state legislature in 1978. Today, Cal-SOAP is instrumental in improving the flow of information about postsecondary education and financial aid while raising the achievement levels of low-income elementary and secondary school students, geographic regions with documented low college-eligibility or college participation rates, and those who are first in their families to attend college.  

Since 1996 the San José Cal-SOAP Consortium has brought together key stakeholders from higher education institutions, K–12 districts, county offices of education, and community agencies and businesses. The Consortium works with community partners in the greater San José area to increase college access and success activities to maximize resources and avoid duplication of services.

The San José Cal-SOAP Consortium is one of fifteen California Student Opportunity and Access Projects (Cal-SOAP) administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).

The San José Consortium provides services to students and families in the San José region to achieve the goal of increasing the number of students who finish high school and enroll in postsecondary institutions.

San José Cal-SOAP Offers Students and Families:

San José Cal-SOAP Partner Schools Include

East Side Union High School District

• Andrew Hill High School
• James Lick High School
• William C Overfelt HS
• Yerba Buena High School

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Cal-SOAP Changes Lives!

Viridiana Hernandez Juarez | Andrew Hill High School Alumni
Class of 2020

What are your college and career plans?
"I am attending UC Merced in the fall. I was first planning to major in Environmental Engineering but I am switched to Computer Science and Engineering."

How has Cal-SOAP helped you throughout the time that you have been with them? What positive experiences have impacted you the most?
"Cal-SOAP has give me many resources and opportunities. As a first generation Latinx, I did not have as much guidance and knowledge about college applications and college in general. Cal-SOAP helped me step-by-step to eventually get to where I wanted to go."

Please tell us about the your photo.
"This is a picture of how I celebrated my graduation, even though there was no physical ceremony. I am very grateful because at this point I am not only the first to graduate high school [in my family] but to attend college."

Paulina | William C. Overfelt High School Alumni
Class of 2018

What are your college and career plans?
"I am now a freshman in college at San Francisco State. I want to become a pediatrician and help others the way others have helped me."

How has Cal-SOAP helped you throughout the time that you have been with them? What positive experiences have impacted you the most?
"I actually wasn’t planning on going to a university before Cal-SOAP. They were all super supportive and I would even consider them friends. They are part of the reason for my success, and there is literally no way I can ever thank them enough to show how grateful I am. They took time to help me with essays, scholarship help, applications for college, and even FAFSA."

What would you like to tell others?
"I’m unbelievably happy to be experiencing this exciting journey, meeting new friends everyday, and to be able to grow as my own person!!"

Jorge Ramirez | Andrew Hill High School Alumni
Class of 2020

Where are you attending College?
"San José State University."

How has Cal-SOAP helped you throughout the time that you have been with them? What positive experiences have impacted you the most?
"Having the Cal-Soap staff guide me through college application, submitting fafsa, applying for scholarships, etc. was a wonderful experience. The staff take their job very seriously. While answering all my questions regarding college, they walked me through the every application process. Thank you all ✌🏼."

Teresa Marquez | Associate Superintendent of Educational Services, ESUHSD

“As a district our main goal is to ensure our students are college and career ready so they can thrive in a global society. Our partnership with Cal-SOAP has allowed us to meet this goal and in particular, ensure that our students are not only college and career ready but they are prepared to take on the various aspects of college. Through Cal-SOAP's support students have been able to learn about the steps needed to actually enroll at a university as well as understand the financial component of being a college student. For the East Side Union High School District, many of our students are the first in their family to be admitted into a university. This makes it more challenging for students to know the ins and outs of what to do once they are accepted into their college, and this is where Cal-SOAP has been instrumental. I am in full support of their work.”

San José Cal-SOAP Contact Information


Sonia Ramos

Program Director

• 408-898-0443

Jose Romo Brizuela

Academic Coordinator

• Andrew Hill High School
• James Lick High School

• 408-309-5187

Elizabeth Purnell

Administrative Coordinator

• 408-316-5910

Maliah Kenoly

Academic Coordinator

• William C. Overfelt High School

• 408-422-2640

The San José Cal-SOAP Program Office is moving to the West Valley College campus

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