Girls Paving the Way program alumna wins Ag Poetry Contest

Aylin Hernandez, now a 9th grader at Pajaro Valley High School, discovered her passion for poetry while participating in EPC’s GPW program at Lakeview Middle School.

Field of hearts

The field of hearts will always be filled with pain and restlessness.

As the morning rises the sun is surprised by how many people are already bent over in a bowing way to pick up the hearts that the earth gives.

The sun goes around, slowly watching the pickers and how they are already picking up hearts for others to call their own.

People only know where these hearts come from but they don’t know how they got there.

The sun is still asleep, when others go to pick up love, they tiptoe around, so the sun can sleep.

The heart pickers might work most of the day, but they will always have enough time to share love in their home.

They might not get enough gold for their food, but they will always be overflowing with love and restlessness.

When the sun is sad, the earth showers.

The mud hugs the heart pickers by the legs.

They struggle to move but can never complain.

They are considered “non-important”, but without them, love could never be something.