Team-Based Approach

The Research & Evaluation team acts as a coordination point for data management, information sharing, policy analysis, and administration relating to reports, partnership agreements, research for funding proposals, professional development, formative and summative evaluation, and campus administrative review of proposals and surveys.

Download a recent presentation on “Team-Based Evaluation: The APR and Beyond (Feb. 2007)” (PDF)

Role & Function of Team Members:

  • Director/Coordinator: Organizes launch meetings, addresses evaluation process, coordinates action plan, and identifies and schedules tasks for plan and writing.
  • Evaluation Specialists: Design and administer qualitative and quantitative data for reports and coordiante formative evaluation activities.
  • Policy Analyst: Collects, analyzes, and interprets quantitative data for reports.
  • Program Staff: Deliver services and provide information and data for reports.
  • Data Coordinator: Manages student records system and collection of service delivery information.
  • Report Writing Team: All team members contribute to the writing of narrative reports, matrices of objectives, and data templates.