The California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) is part of a statewide professional development network representing the nine disciplines required for university admission (UC and CSU) and graduation from high school. Together, this network forms the California Subject Matter Project (CSMP).

The mission of the CRLP is to provide high quality, standards-based professional development in reading and language instruction to help ensure that every California student Pre-K through twelfth grade achieves the highest standards of academic performance.

CRLP activities to promote this mission



K-5: CRLP Results Word Recognition and Fluency

This institute prepares teachers to instruct, assess, and provide interventions for the Common Core Foundational Skills standards in reading.

K-6 Results: Academic Language and Literacy Instruction (RALLI) and 6-12 Content Area Language and Literacy (CALL)

RALLI and CALL institutes support teachers in designing effective instruction to help their students make meaning from complex grade-level text and to express that knowledge through sophisticated and accurate use of English in oral and written language.

Customized Regional Trainings

Trainings and study sessions are developed and conducted with local experts and practitioners to meet the needs of regional teachers. Topics addressed include the English Language Development standards, Culturally-Relevant Literature, the California Dyslexia Guidelines, the English Learner Roadmap, Reading Comprehension and Foundational Reading Skills.

Teacher Leadership Development

Teachers who attend the CRLP Signature Program Institutes and/or regional events are invited to continue their learning and leadership development through regional meetings. They study relevant topics, practice implementing learned routines, receive coaching, develop their expertise, and then help develop regional trainings and present them to other teachers

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What Teachers Have to Say About CRLP

“From my experience with the California Reading and Literature Project, it was always my dream to work in a school that embraced the principles of in-depth data analysis, teacher leadership, and collaboration.”

Principal, Jennifer Wildman in the book Data Teams Success Stories, Vl. 1 by Kristin Anderson Tweet

“I find these trainings very useful, there is, in my book, no higher praise in education.”

“(I appreciated) the expertise of the presenters and how they demonstrated ways to incorporate these ideas/methodologies in a meaningful way. They recognized and supported the concerns and issues which we face and helped us to think of constructive ways to overcome these obstacles.”

“I enjoyed this learning and know it will make a difference for my students. I wish every teacher had this training.”

CRLP Contact Information

Kris Broek
Monterey Bay Regional Director
(831) 459-1802