UCSC Hispanic Serving Institution

In 2012, UC Santa Cruz reached the Hispanic-Serving Institution threshold of having greater than 25% of its undergraduate student population be Latino/a. Since then, the U.S. Department of Education designated UC Santa Cruz as an "Eligible Institution" under the TItle III and Title V programs, officially recognizing the campuses' status as an Hispanic Serving Institution and giving UC Santa Cruz the opportunity to apply for grants. See HSI verification letter, here.

The campus subsequently announced receipt of two Title V grants, totaling $3.6 million. A "roadmap" was developed in collaboration with academic departments across the UCSC campus outlining specific commitments and expectations. In September 2016, UC Santa Cruz received a third U.S. Department of Education grant of $5.7 million, focused on reducing attrition rates for low-income and Latino/a students in STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and math) degrees.

The grants will help UC Santa Cruz increase achievement for our Latino undergraduate students and formalize a partnership with San Jose City College, Cabrillo College, Monterey Peninsula College, and Hartnell College, supporting transfer students who want to earn their bachelor's degrees at UCSC.

For more information: https://studentsuccess.ucsc.edu/hsi