Research & Evaluation



Who We Are 

The central purpose of the Research and Evaluation department is to provide the research, data, and formative and summative evaluation needed to design targeted interventions and implement and monitor programming. Together with our partners and constituencies, the Educational Partnership Center uses evaluative knowledge to enhance and improve our services and achieve our mission.

The Need for Research & Evaluation

Ongoing program evaluation and data analysis are essential to the success of the Educational Partnership Center’s student academic preparation programs, and the data-driven focus allows for our unique, integrated program delivery model.

The Educational Partnership Center uses data and evaluation to develop and implement targeted interventions to best meet the needs of students and families, schools, and the community in order to improve student academic achievement and increase college-going rates. Our research and evaluation work helps us to:

  • Demonstrate accountability to partners, stakeholders, and policy makers;
  • Improve academic preparation programming;
  • Seek additional funding and resources to support efforts to build college-bound communities;
  • Add to the body of knowledge about educational equity and outreach; and
  • Share best practices with partners.

Our Approach

  • We attempt to integrate evaluation into the fabric of our everyday planning.
  • We collaborate with potential users of information throughout the design, implementation, analysis, reporting, and use of evaluation.
  • We work with colleagues at the University of California Office of the President, sister UC campuses, and K-16 partners to develop answer significant local and statewide evaluation questions.
  • We use both qualitative and quantitative measures, employing a variety of evaluation methods to provide immediate feedback as well as longitudinal studies to make visible long-term effects.
  • We seek to articulate and test our theories of action and change.

Download the EPC Evaluation Framework (PDF)

Download a sample Logic Model (PDF)


Research & Evaluation Questions

1.  What are the needs for student academic preparation in our communities?

  • What do students know and think about college? How are they performing on the tasks that lead to college eligibility?
  • How are schools able to create high expectations and effective curriculum for all students in all classes?
  • How are the parents and the community doing in their roles as student advocates?
  • What is the reality of our students, families, schools, and communities? What economic and cultural assets and barriers support or hinder college readiness?
  • Where are the barriers in our objectives to increase academic rigor and college-going rates?

2.  What are we doing to address those needs?

  • Who are the participants in academic preparation and college-going activities?
  • How much and what types of college awareness activities are we providing?
  • What are teacher/administrator expectations for our students?
  • What rigorous academic courses are available for students?

3.  What are the short- and long-term results of our student academic preparation efforts?

  • How are students doing in standardized testing in mathematics and language arts?
  • How many students are taking and passing A-G courses to stay on track for college?
  • How many students applied to, were admitted, and/or enrolled in college?


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