Student Services

The Educational Partnership Center, through its programs, provide the following services:


College Advising

All of programs, except one, incorporate some form of college advising in which students are informed about the different pathways to college. In our middle school sites, our programs provide A through G information so that they can smoothly transition into the high school level. In our high school sites, we meet with each student individually and fill out an academic planner for their next 4 years in high school and provide checklists for each grade level so that they can stay on track to graduate and aspire to attend college.


Academic Services

Our GEAR UP, Cal-SOAP, EAOP, and ETS programs provide tutors both in the classroom and during students' free time in either lunch or afterschool. Our tutors are undergraduates from local universities and work closely with the teachers to provide high quality instruction and support.

Through CRLP, EPC can also provide professional development to teachers to help improve curriculum.

MESA works with teachers to implement STEM activities at participating schools.


College Exposure and Experiences

All EPC programs provide opportunities for students to visit local college campuses and speak with current students about his or her experiences in college. The college visits often include, whenever possible, a trip to the college dorm, labs, and the libraries.


Career Exploration

Our programs find opportunities for student to talk with professionals in a myriad of fields from education, business, and hospitality industry.


Check out EPC's Senior Resources page, a collection of webinars and presentations designed to help students and families transition to postsecondary enrollment and persistence.