College is in My Future

The College is in My Future curriculum helps create a college-going culture at partner middle schools. Through a week-long series of activities implemented in the classroom, the curriculum highlights the benefits of attending college and the various pathways to postsecondary education. Students in grades 6-8 learn about high school course requirements, financial aid availability, and the benefits of college education.Handbooks

EPC staff train teachers to implement the hands-on, interactive college awareness activities in the curriculum. Our college facilitators have developed a series of lunchtime activities such as guest speakers for career seminars and college-related games (e.g., A-G Jeopardy) to reinforce the topics covered in the classroom. Undergraduate academic interns also help students conduct college research in the school library and share their own experiences navigating the college pathway. Homework assignments require parents to engage with their children around the topic of college and attest they have discussed college as an important future goal.

College is in My Future promotes self awareness, study skills, and college success. The curriculum covers a variety of essential "college knowledge" topics:

    The value of education

    Career exploration and job-related skills

    Debunking myths about college

    Dreams and aspirations about higher education

    Goal setting and making choices

    Study skills and note- and test-taking strategies

    Time management

    College systems and pathways

    A-G high school requirements for university admission

Curriculum: Student & Teacher Manuals

Click on the links below to download the College is in My Future curriculum. These materials are copyrighted by the UCSC Educational Partnership Center. Limited reproduction for educational, not-for-profit use only is allowable. For questions about large-scale reproductions or other permission-related issues, please contact Maria Rocha-Ruiz at (831) 459-1811 or

    6th Grade Student Workbook (3.91 MB PDF)

    6th Grade Teacher Manual (1.16 MB PDF)

    7th Grade Student Workbook (2.98 MB PDF)

    7th Grade Teacher Manual (3.83 MB PDF)

    8th Grade Student Workbook (7.8 MB PDF)

    8th Grade Teacher Manual (9.7 MB PDF

Powerpoint slides for the A through G Requirements.

Powerpoint slides for the A through G Jeopardy Game.